Ben is the boy I’m looking after. He’s 6. This morning Ben asked if he could take his new night vision binoculars to ‘show and tell’ at school. At the bus stop he was saying how his friend Alex already has that toy and so many more. Then he told me that for Christmas he wanted whatever Alex has. So I asked him what he’d think if one of his schoolmates would say “I want whatever Ben has”, wouldn’t it be sad? wouldn’t he want them to chose what they want? I asked him, if it is better that some children have many many toys and some have none or that everyone would have two or three toys? (I know how naive it sounds but remember I’m addressing a child). To that he answered by telling me of a 3d maker and quoting the advert “no glue, no mess” and asked me “is that something that you’d like? Should I order it for Christmas?” He was trying to bride me with a 3d maker! But did you know you can build mini rockets with a 3d maker? I don’t ask questions anymore, I’m having a 3d maker for Christmas, that’s on Santa’s list.


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