Relationship with God


When I decided to follow Jesus I had been in a relationship for long time and I let it go because I wanted to develop my relationship with God. And I think in a serious relationship, your partner is suppose to encourage you, to inspire you to be the best version of yourself, and your partner knowing who you are, knowing your aspirations, your dreams and your potential is suppose to push you towards your better self, or at least that is the way it should be. But since I decided to be committed to develop my relationship with God before all I’ve found out that no human relationship could have ever given me a glimpse of what God is doing in my life. He knows me better than anyone ever will, and better than I know myself, He pushes me to be the one He created me to be. He knows my aspirations before I even form them,  He doesn’t have to believe in my potential, He created it, He has such a power of inspiration in me that spending a minute in His heart I do believe that I will move the mountains if only that is His will.

God is inviting you into a relationship with Him, it is far better than any other relationship, do you believe it is all you need?


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