Pain au chocolat

One of the things about being French in England and you might not think it’s important, but if you’re French you’ll feel my hurt, is that you don’t order a “pain au chocolat” (or a chocolatine to be accurate (Yes you heard me right French person reading this blog, chocolatine is the accurate word for it!)) you order a “pano shocoh lah”. So my French doesn’t even come in handy when I have to speak French.

Go on and try to order a “pain au chocolat” to an English person, you’ll get corrected just as when you say “z’ instead of “th”. But this is not even an English word! You can’t possibly ask me to pronounce it wrong on purpose! But in the end you do because it’s not a linguistic issue it’s food, and not only food it’s “pano shocoh lah”.
And to serve you the thus called pastry they give you a plate and a knife. Okay I can understand the plate. For the crumbs duh! But the knife? Even if I wanted to slice my “pano shocoh lah” in two, I’ll use my hands. Why? Because that’s how Jesus does it! When he broke the bread he said “Take eat, this is my body” and it is not followed by “Anybody got a knife? Anybody?” So as a French Christian I am doubly offended.
And when you order two of them “pano shocoh lah” first of all the waitress inquires “two?” and thinks ‘oh she must have someone joining her later because two pano shocoh lah for herself, surely it can’t be. I’ll give her two sets of plate and knife’. Let me tell you something miss Guiltingeyes , I only have two because I’m being reasonable! In my dark days I go to Tesco and I buy a whole pack of those and eat them the same day if not on my way home. Pano shocoh lah is a treat that is still delicious after three or four so don’t ruin it for me.



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