We are happy to announce you the birth of Bobby

It was on the morning of the third of December that Bobby was born out of a Christmas miracle. It all started with a prayer, Ben got out of bed to open his advent calendar and prayed to God that he wouldn’t have a chocolate that day but something different (apparently after only two days, chocolate became a boring treat to wake up for), Ben opened the third day sock to find a little fish-shaped bottle-opener that he thanked God for and named Bobby.


At only one day old Bobby started his career as a paper plane pilot. Some choose to become pilots for particular gifts, like remarkable sight or mathematical skills, but for Bobby it was his light weight and his body shape that made him the perfect candidate to be a paper plane pilot.
Aero-dynamism and the law of gravity added to Bobby’s perseverance made him be known as “the best paper plane pilot ever” by Ben who after a few outstanding flights decided to make Bobby more than a Christmas calendar treat but a member of the family. “From now on” Ben exclaimed “You have a mummy and a daddy and an aupair and two cats like me.” And with more emotion Ben added “and a brother.”

Ben discovered Bobby’s similar enthusiasm for ginger bread men and willingly shared his snack before he made the promise to find a bottle for him to open because that what he likes, chewing the lids of bottles after a long day at work.

Shortly after, it was decided that Bobby’s bed would be in one of Ben’a slippers and placed next to his pillow.

Before going to bed Ben and Bobby again worked hard on making Bobby fly in the stairs, Ben being the thrower and I being the catcher and finally after an exceptional flight Ben shouted “Bobby can fly! He can fly! He is real! He is real!” And I realised that children’s imagination knows no limits and was not to be encouraged to much at risk of severe mental disorders.


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