New Year Resolutions

Okay I must say I’m not big on blogs (says the womam writing this blog) but I imagine it’s a time for bloggers to share their new year resolutions.

At the period of the year when the new year resolution question is asked people will either give you their list, which is always made of the so original “go to the gym more often” or “take time”, and then there’s those who will give you a “pfff” summing up a feeling of laboriously acquired wisdom from endlessly failing at keeping any resolution all year.

Only my post will not be about the resolution I haven’t kept or about the resolutions I know I will not keep. Because in case you don’t know me people, I’m driven! I know it sounds less presumptuous and more admirable when you’re telling me than when I’m writing it, but a truth is a truth.

Here’s a selection of my last year resolutions:

Be more social : 2015 is the year wonderful friendships started

Believe in my dreams: Every.Single.Day.

Read poetry: “Poetry for dummies” is currently on my night-stand.

Write more: Bouyaaaa! 19 articles in a month.

Enough about my outstanding successes. I fail too.

Noticeable failures includes:
Get my driving license
Go hiking in Scotland

I know what you think, she says she’s driven but she can’t even drive a car. How pathetic. I feel the same.
That’s why I’ll say, 2016 be prepared. You’ll think you’re doing good crushing my dreams but I’ll rise, with my right foot I’ll press the pedal sooner than you can say “February”, and with my left foot I’ll firmly land on a Scottish mountain and I’ll look at the horizon and say “in your face 2016”.




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