“I am going to Bible College next y… week!”


It’s been a few months that I have been saying “I am going to Bible College next year” but now I have to correct myself because next year is this Saturday! I am flying to the school on Saturday and starting the lessons on Monday morning!
I am currently living in Bristol in England but I am flying further away from where I am from in the South of France to go to Scotland, near Glasgow.
I have never been to Scotland. I have heard that it is beautiful but cold and humid and that people’s accent is incomprehensible but that they are extremely nice.
I know that we will be less than 12 students in my class (to keep in an intimate group, like the apostles!) and that I will have a small study bedroom. I know we have a mission trip in October in Italy, I don’t know to do what. I have received my timetable and it looks quite intense, with a lot of new subjects I have never heard of. But I don’t know a lot more.
From these few words you can guess that I am getting a little bit nervous.
I am a bundle of new and confusing emotions, of stress and sadness and excitement and fear.
I know very well that Jesus says “Do not worry about your life” (Matt6:25) and repeatedly says “Do not be afraid” (apparently “fear not” or “do not be afraid” appears 365 times in the Bible), so really I start Bible College by disobeying God! What are we going to do with me?
I am stressed because I have been out of University for two years and my brain might not be quite ready for it.
I am stressed because I won’t have any income for a year and I am not sure how I will pay for my plane tickets to come back during the holidays or even for a train ticket to the center of Glasgow.
I am sad because I am leaving Bristol. I have grown a lot in this city and I am leaving many people and many projects that God had given me the care of. Seeds have been planted and now leaving feels like abandonment. But I trust God the Gardener.
I am excited because I know God has called me to go to Bible College. I am excited because with God I never know what it is going to be like, He messes up with my life and makes it completely crazy, and I enjoy that cray ride with my Creator. I am excited to see what God will do in my life, to learn more about Him, to see Him in other people around me, and to let Him tell me more about what He’s going to do with me.
So in the end, what we are going to do with me is let God do His work and see what a mess He makes again, and that all for His glory. May it be a beautiful mess.
I will write my thoughts on this blog and share what I’ll learn. Feel free to comment, ask me questions and even pray for me!

If you want to know more about that “calling” follow that link, there’s even a video! : http://www.ebe.org.uk/index.php/resources/ebe-blog/362-morgane-is-off-to-bible-school


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