The Ministry of Reconciliation


Preachers tell us we ought to get out of comfort zones,
But I’ve discovered that since I’ve surrendered my life to the Son,
My existence I live as a war zone,
My weapons my love,
My discomfort all gone.

Far from me to boast, blame it on the Holy Ghost,
It’s not my personality, I thought my strength was my timidity,
Been called a good observer, a good listener,
But Jesus cares very little about what personality I prefer.

Behold I am a new creation!
And sharing the Gospel shamelessly never my intention,
But my life took a new dimension when God opened my heart about the resurrection.
My faith I intend on making it an infection,
My life I consider it nothing but a mission,
To finish the race and share the Gospel to all the nations,
LOVE the refrain to all of my compositions.

The wind blows but I don’t know the direction,
By faith I walk and I trust, not by vision.
If ever I was shy it is now an explosion,
To you I’ll recite Christ’s best sermon,
because He gave me the ministry of reconciliation,
If I am out of my mind it is for your salvation.
I want to tell about the cross, about Love’s perfection,
About the God that loved you to the point of crucifixion,
About the author of life, the author of all creation.


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