If life is a swim…

If life is a swim,

You are not swimming in a swimming pool that you’d go from one end to the other to the other to the other … as in a frame.
Nor are you in a lake that you’d be swimming in circles and in circles and in circles and be dazed.
Nor in a river that you’d be swimming in one direction, scratching your knees on the rocks and the sand.
No if life is a swim then may you be swimming in a bottomless ocean for the purpose of God’s adoration

You think it is the wind creating waves in the ocean but you forget about the moon dancing in slow motion.
Let the storm come and let the wind blow, let them see you are His warrior of devotion.

You can try to settle in a vessel, but you will find that as you try to slip in, the water will flow over the brim.
That’s because you’re flowing over sister, you’re not in a river.
Your course cannot be handled by hands that are more eager to hold you than to free you.
You are not in a lake that they can redirect. They can build borders but it cannot hold the waters.
You are in the ocean, you are not called to settle for inaction.
You are not called to lower down God’s ambitions,
You are called to carry out His mission beyond your imagination following the purpose of the Maker of the ocean.

Who else has held the ocean in his hands than the one to whom even the winds and the waves obey him?
The one whose plans for you are always higher.
and that will never see in you less than the ocean entire?


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