The dinosaur

Ben’s mum got home and told him she had something for him. They were both downstairs and I heard them whispering “go and show Morgane”, so Ben started going up the stairs and I got out of my bedroom to see what it was about and there I saw it, climbing up the stairs… A big green and orange dinosaur! Ben’s mum bought a dinosaur sleeping bag for Ben! (See picture)
After the first shock we all laughed and after the five appropriate minutes of laughing and “that’s so cute”, “so funny” comments I finally burst: “Do they sell adult sizes?”. I wish they did. I wish I was writing this in an orange and green dinosaur sleeping bag (or a black and white panda one, also available only to children). But no, only children get to have that level of fun. In a world that is unfair and forces us to be dull and sleep on dull sleeping bags, I’d like to shout out a protest.


Why do only children get to eat yoghurt with smarties in them? Why can’t I be a responsible grown up that enjoy adult life and not get to guiltlessly eat smarties yoghurts? Why do only children get to celebrate December with a chocolate each day? Why does it have to be a childish thing? Who made chocolate childish? Who? You are wrong. Chocolate is a divine gift.

Why do only children get to watch movies full of colours and where nothing really sad ever happens? I don’t watch a lot of television but I read a lot so  when I watch a film the sound and images, that is a lot to take in altogether! The funny colourful shapes and the talking animals help me go through strong emotions yet I can still get affected by children movies!

Why do only children get to go to school in pyjamas because it’s non uniform day? Maybe at your job you practice ‘no tie Friday’ and some people come with a simple shirt and sometimes even with a funny one! Well when you tell children ‘no uniform day’ they come to school in their pyjamas! And when you ask a child to choose a pyjamas, he/she will buy a full costume. Personally I take out my outfit and remove my make up before going to bed, but according to children, it should be the other way around. You get for a night of rest by dressing up as a Ninja turtle or Princess Peach. Someone figured it out and made a lot of money selling costumes that you can wear at night.
Yes you unmasked me, I do it anyway, I eat smarties yogorts, watch children movies and wear funny pyjamas.

But I came to the daunting realisation today that next year when I won’t be an aupair anymore and I won’t be able do all those things and more without feeling a bit childish, because I won’t have the excuse of Ben. The other realisation is that I won’t have children in a long time- if I do one day – and even then I’ll have to wait for long years to be over until it’s finally time I can bring my children to Lego Land! So here I am faced with two decisions: at the end of my job I will quit those childish habits and learn to be a respectable adult again, or two I will keep on doing them but stop calling them childish, because that is the problem, it is not childish, it is fun!


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